Hypoponera inexorata (Wheeler, W.M.)


spec2 head view  spec2, side view
Small ants with minute eyes and a head that is finely punctate and much longer than broad. The posterior margin of the head is slightly concave.
Nests and workers are found below ground, sometimes under stones, and nests are often near other ant species. Colony size is less than 20 workers. With its tiny workers, underground nesting habits and small colony size this ant species is not commonly collected.
Costa Rica and Mexico north through to South Carolina in the east and Arizona in the west.
Navajo Reservation Records
Found just outside of the park boundary of Canyon De Chelly National Park, Arizona; south rim Spider Rock viewing area. A small series of workers found along a dry wash several feet below thin layers of limestone slabs. Collection locality: 36° 05’38”N; 109° 22’ 28”W, 2090 meters elevation, Juniper-Pinyon Woodlands, 23 August 2009, collector: Gary D. Alpert. Four workers found near Aphaenogaster uinta nest.
Original Description Wheeler, W.M. (1903)
The species description included a treatment of the worker and queen.

the original species description for Hypoponera inexorata (first page) species description for Hypoponera inexorata (second page)

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